Custom escape rooms for recruitment

Escape Room for Recruitment & Job Interviews

Analyze each applicant’s profile with no filters and go beyond appearances

A reliable and innovative method to evaluate your applicants’ abilities and make the best decisions.

Throughout the game,  participants must collaborate, propose ideas, take initiative, manage their stress levels, be attentive, etc. This is therefore an opportunity for you to analyze each applicant’s profile without filters and go beyond appearances, unlike what you may find on a CV or during a job interview.

3D Digital Escape Room

Putting applicants in certain situations allows them to let go and behave naturally. Personalities are very quickly revealed.

APPLICANT ANALYSIS during the escape room

Your HR or other company staff join the teams and are immersed among the applicants to assess them directly. Emeraude Escape informs HR in advance about how the Game unfolds by pointing out key moments of the Escape Game to look out for.

Our occupational psychologist works with you to develop an evaluation chart based on your selection criteria. Our Game Designers then create puzzles that may bring out these soft skills during the game.