How to organize digital seminars remotely?

Published on 05/05/2021

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 health crisis, working, training, recruiting, raising awareness, or even communicating for business online has become more complex. To maintain social harmony and personal fulfillment, collective events are essential for companies. Meetings are going digital and so is team building.

virtuel digital seminar
Digital seminar

At the end of this year so prone to internal seminars and events, digital escape rooms are a solution to bring together employees in a friendly and dynamic activity while respecting social distancing. Faced with this situation, how can a virtual seminar be successful?   

WHAT IS a digital seminar with Escape room?


Today, social distancing and telecommuting have undermined team cohesion within companies. To maintain the team spirit and promote the creation of bonds between colleagues, Emeraude Escape organizes customized online team building for its customers.

Digital seminars make it possible to bring together all employees online for a half-day around speeches and discussions, energizing the seminar with online escape rooms.

A digital escape room is an online escape room that can be played at home or in the office, alone or in multiplayer mode, in videoconference, and from smartphones, tablets or computers. This interactive platform takes the form of a game created on your website or on a dedicated site. As with physical escape rooms, players must search for items, open chests, discover new rooms, and solve a series of puzzles against the clock.

online seminar: HOW DOES IT WORK?

Virtual seminar

For starters, multiple players connect at the same time on the interactive platform and join a “room” to play a game together. In particular, they can give themselves names and create avatars (uploading their photos, for example). Once all players are ready, the game can begin. 

Two multiplayer modes are available:

  1. Challenge mode:
    Players start at the same time and see the progress of their opponents in real time on a progress bar. Whoever completes the game first, wins the game. This challenge can also be played between multiple teams in the same format.
  2. Cooperative mode:
    The players participate at the same time and must help each other to finish the game on time. They have access to different play areas and some players have clues that others don’t. They must communicate through the game chat and exchange items to solve the puzzles and ultimately win the game together.


Emeraude Escape, the leader in the digital escape room market, is one of the first companies to offer this type of online and customized team-building activity for companies in the form of a game. A creator of escape rooms for team building for a number of years, Emeraude Escape has diversified by offering digital escape rooms adapted to the needs of companies. Several formats are available: vector images, 3D environments, interactive videos, etc.

3D Digital Escape Room
Virtual seminar

Designed in collaboration with the customer, each digital seminar is unique and created around the customer’s graphic standards. Designed by a team of experts made up of game designers, illustrators, a development manager, a technical architect, a senior developer, a junior developer, a user interface designer, a UX/UI expert and a tester, the company designs all of its escape rooms in-house. Completely secure, the technology used meets the IT security standards of large international groups and complies with general data protection regulations (GDPR).

They have confided so far with us in 2021:



Digital team building offers an essential opportunity for exchange among employees. Moreover, the escape room for team building makes it possible for participants to reveal qualities within themselves such as creativity or initiative. Digital seminars make it possible for you to maintain team spirit and your employees’ well-being at the same time.


Just like for a physical event, be sure to create initial specifications.

Items to be defined for creating your digital team building: 

  • Determine the theme: police, surreal, futuristic, historical, realistic, etc.
  • Determine the duration of the game: from 5 to 120 minutes
  • Determine the level of difficulty: easy, medium, difficult
  • Determine the number of participants and the number of teams: from 1 to 500,000 participants simultaneously
  • Define the type of live ranking: by player, team, business unit, region, country, etc.

The digital escape room is the right solution to organize your seminars online in complete security. Emeraude Escape designs customized escape rooms adapted to your image with unique scenarios, in line with your company’s DNA and values. We make adjustments for the number of players and the length of time of your fully personalized escape room. Our mission: to let you share a unique, interactive and successful experience as a team through digital innovation.

Do you want more information about our online escape rooms or receive a personalized quote for the creation of a digital seminar? Contact us!

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